D&D DURA-LINK belts meet or exceed USA RMA publishedratings levels. They are manufactured to perform at identical or higher levels than all major US Manufacturer’s belts of the same type. DURA-LINK belts serve as a temporary or permanentalternative to belts. The twist and lockbelt tabs are easy to use and require no special tools. They are an efficientbelt substitute for any machinery that would normally need disassembly for belt installation. They are also ideal for emergency repairs; stock a roll of DURA-LINK belts instead of a large inventory of multiple v-belt sizes. You can make anybelt length needed in seconds.DURA-LINK belts are capable of running at the same horsepowerrating as their rubber v-belt alternatives. All DURA-LINK belts aremanufactured using the latest in belt technology.


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