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Quality Creates Value

Top quality, outstanding technology and exceptionally innovative spirit builds up the core values for our business success. We are ready to serve our global customers sincerely for long-term and win-win cooperation.

We deliver a comprehensive range of high-precision bearings that must have high running accuracy as well as those applications where very high speeds and extreme working conditions are required. Our broad capabilities allow us to meet your high or low volume requirements, including custom designs for specialized applications.

Premium Bearings

We stock only genuine, premium brand bearings sourced globally from our trusted suppliers. We maintain our stock in original, factory packaging to assure our customers that our stock is genuine.

Value Line Products

Our extensive line of value-priced bearing and power transmission products meets the highest quality standards. Long standing relationships with our manufacturing facilities insure that all quality standards are no less than 100%.

Customer Service

We are available 24/7 to support all your bearing requirements. Our customer service is top notch and ready to tailor a solution specific to your needs. From our global sourcing resources to our huge inventory based in our different distribution centres, Amcan Bearing Company is focused on stocking your bearing solutions!

Stop fake bearings

Source: World Bearing Association (WBA)

Don’t let fake bearings break your business. If you suspect that you may have purchased or distributed counterfeits, contact the World Bearing Association (WBA) immediately.

When you decide to buy brand premium products, you have high expectations for quality, durability and dependability. But when you pay for premium and get average, or even downright faulty or old refurbished products, you’re not getting what you paid for. And fake bearings not only harm your finances but they can also pose danger to operations and human lives.



Automobile Industry

There are over 150 bearings are used in a single vehicle. Cars, trucks, trailers bearings widely used in cars, trucks, trailers of various transmission/rotating member. We ensure that all the bearings work with safety and comfort.


Conveyor Systems

Conveyor bearings are inserted into the roller tubes along with an axle and placed in a frame. Our non-precision and semi-precision bearings are available with multiple lubrication options to keep them operating efficiently.


Industrial Equipment

Amcan is using its new bearings standard, processes, equipment, quality assurance, and competences as the basis for its bearings service. We provide reliable products for different industrial gearboxes.



Backed by deep construction vehicle application experience and a wide range of products and solutions, Amcan is able to deliver fully integrated, optimized solutions in terms of wide range of bearings and products.


Mining Industry

We provide actionable insights into boosting reliability, efficiency and safety in the mining industry. Amcan can help mining and mineral processing operations with our advanced range of products and services.


Oil & Drilling

Amcan is able to supply its customers with bearings that offer both long life and high reliability. We can help you reduce your operation’s energy usage and improve its sustainability in the fiield of oil and drilling.