Amcan bearings and Power Transmission products are used throughout the agriculture industry that allow farmers around the world to plant, grow and harvest their crops.

Our products are setting new standards for reliability, energy efficiency, and durability. We strive to meet the worlds power needs and address economic viability of our natural resources.

Productivity and reliability are necessities for success in the oil and drilling fields. Oil and drilling can become quite a major undertaking.

Since our humble beginnings Amcan has been providing quality bearings to both the OEM and aftermarket suppliers in the automotive industry.

We provide the latest bearing design technologies for mining materials, lubrication, and analysis.

Amcan provides many products to the fishing industry from bearings to chains, in stainless steel, nickel plated, Thermo plastic, designed to stand up to wet or caustic applications.



Automobile Industry

There are over 150 bearings are used in a single vehicle. Cars, trucks, trailers bearings widely used in cars, trucks, trailers of various transmission/rotating member. We ensure that all the bearings work with safety and comfort.


Conveyor Systems

Conveyor bearings are inserted into the roller tubes along with an axle and placed in a frame. Our non-precision and semi-precision bearings are available with multiple lubrication options to keep them operating efficiently.


Industrial Equipment

Amcan is using its new bearings standard, processes, equipment, quality assurance, and competences as the basis for its bearings service. We provide reliable products for different industrial gearboxes.



Backed by deep construction vehicle application experience and a wide range of products and solutions, Amcan is able to deliver fully integrated, optimized solutions in terms of wide range of bearings and products.


Mining Industry

We provide actionable insights into boosting reliability, efficiency and safety in the mining industry. Amcan can help mining and mineral processing operations with our advanced range of products and services.


Oil & Drilling

Amcan is able to supply its customers with bearings that offer both long life and high reliability. We can help you reduce your operation’s energy usage and improve its sustainability in the fiield of oil and drilling.